Petra Edwards

PhD Candidate

BSc. (Animal Behaviour) (Hons)

Petra is a PhD candidate the University of Adelaide where she is investigating how companion dogs experience their veterinary care, and strategies that can be implemented to reduce stress. Petra’s honours research focused on the equipment that Australians use to walk their dogs, including looking at beliefs about dog walking, behaviour and exercise. Petra has keen research interests in animal training and behaviour, welfare, human-animal interactions and relationships, and comparative psychology.

In conjunction with her research, Petra also has an extensive background in, and passion for, humane animal training and behaviour (specialising in dogs) with the view for increasing quality of life, improving human-animal bonds and helping companion animals live their best lives in a society often not set up for them. She has experience consulting on behaviour problems in dogs, taking basic manners training and puppy classes, running seminars for pet guardians (owners), and staff within the animal care industry: veterinary practice, dog training clubs, day care centres and local government.

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