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Natalie Worth

Associate (PhD Candidate - University of Adelaide; Clinical Psychology)

Natalie Worth is a Clinical Psychologist of 30 years’ experience, a fellow of the Australian Psychology Society and currently a PhD student at University of Adelaide.

Her research is focussed on Veterinary Professionals’ Experiences of Trauma at Work. Natalie has provided evidence-based, trauma-informed psychology services to a wide range of clients throughout her career as a clinical psychologist.

She currently works part time in her own practice ‘Worth Psychology’ offering psychology in an equine environment to families within the AHAA Psychology (Adelaide Hills Animal Assisted Psychology) arm of her business. She also works part time at Better Self Psychology working with many adults who have trauma in their history.

Natalie trained in internationally recognised frameworks for delivering psychology in an equine environment 8 yrs ago and has presented on her work in this area. She has a love of animals and the outdoors and has kept horses for over 35 years’ including assisting traumatized horses to learn to remain calm and to gain more trust.

Natalie networks with academics researching Human-Animal Interactions and Animal Assisted Therapies at Universities around Australia and beyond. She is committed to increasing the recognition for Psychology in an Equine Environment as an evidence-based, ethical, and effective psychological practice for clients, therapists, and horses alike.

Natalie is also passionate about her research into Veterinary Professionals’ experiences. She networks with academics working in this area and is committed to raising awareness about what happens psychologically for this professional population and how they can be successfully supported to thrive psychologically.

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