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 Animal Behaviour, Welfare
and Anthrozoology Lab

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Welcome to the Animal Behaviour, Welfare and Anthrozoology Lab

Based at the University of Adelaide, South Australia, the Animal Behaviour, Welfare and Anthrozoology Lab (ABWAL) consists of a team of researchers representing disciplines including veterinary, animal behaviour, animal welfare, human-animal interaction, wildlife and conservation. Our work aims to improve our understanding of the behaviour of companion, zoo, livestock and wild animals and their interactions with humans. Our primary focus is in improving animal and human welfare. Current projects include companion animals as pets, assistance animals, local government and animal management and working dogs used for scent detection. We further investigate animal social behaviour, its drivers, evolution and consequences.

Please take the time to explore our lab for further details on current projects and each of our research interests.

We are always open to collaboration with other like-minded researchers and industry – drop us an email if you’d like to chat more

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ABWAL logo2.png

Contact Us 

School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences,
The University of Adelaide 
Roseworthy Campus



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